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Meet Our Horses
Nov 29th 2016
Dart Full name: Laurentian D'Artagnan Breed: Purebred Arabian (registered) Colour: Grey Gender: Gelding Date of Birth: July 18, 2005 Dart is our go-to horse when a job needs to be done. He is reliable and dependable Read more »
Woolen vs. Worsted
Apr 10th 2016
The difference between begins in the preparation of the wool or fibre. Of course in both cases, the fibre needs to be clean and have most of the vegetable matter or VM as it is called (bits of hay or straw or weeds or even burrs), removed. After that, the difference begins. Read more »
Patent Fence
Nov 2nd 2017
There are many considerations to make when deciding on what fence you should use. In truth the patent fence should only be one tool in your fencing arsenal to be pulled out in specific circumstances. On my farm I have a mix of page wire, electric fencing and patent fences. Read more »
Equitation Books
Jan 17th 2019
Take a moment and read through this page to learn more about the authors. In some cases their books have been deemed public domain due to their antiquity. If that is the case I have often included links to online free copies. Here is an example of a public domain book to wet your palate H.L. De Bussigny Equitation Read more »
Wattle Fence
Aug 21st 2016
It all started one day when we bought pigs. It was all very innocent, we like ham, bacon, sausages and so why not grow it ourselves. We quickly learned that pigs are like nothing else we've ever had on our farm. We're used to animals going over fences, pigs....well pigs go through or under fences. They can lift incredible weight with their snout and when they decide to leave their enclosure, they just do it. And don't even try to catch them. When their done routing through an old rotting hay piles, the manure pile and had a drink at the creek they will return to their pen. They'll even wait patiently while you open the gate for them. Read more »
Wattle Doors
Aug 21st 2016
Everyone has seen furniture woven with reeds or rattan. It is especially common with chair seats and can be full on works of art. In the same category are beautiful rustic furniture made of willow. I wanted to try my hand at this type of artform and believe I have created something unique and special that blends these two things into something I've never seen before. Read more »