Wattle Doors

Everyone has seen furniture woven with reeds or rattan. It is especially common with chair seats and can be full on works of art. In the same category are beautiful rustic furniture made of willow. I wanted to try my hand at this type of artform and believe I have created something unique and special that blends these two things into something I've never seen before. The frame was made with a table saw and a basic corner bridle joint with dowel pegs. An interior groove was created to allow the wattle ends to be cleanly hidden.

The twigs I used were Red Osier Dogwood. It has a nice red colour and grows in the understory of the forested area at the back of my property. It turns out it wattles quite nicely but when dry it becomes almost brittle. My wife is an expert weaver and taught me some basic weaving techniques. We did a basket weave and a twill. On the last one we got very creative and did a sort of spiral weave that could be used to make the bottom of a basket. It was extremely challenging but has a real wow factor about it.

Before arriving at my above successes I initially tried the twisting technique to turn the wattle back but was not satisfied with this approach. It's fine for a fence, but looks poor in a cupboard door.

I certainly plan to make more of these types of doors and may explore making other types of objects as time permits. I hope I have inspired you to try it yourself!